ML Atomizer Heads x 2

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The ML atomizer heads consist of vertically mounted heating coils set in parallel and surrounded by a natural cotton wick for a clean flavour. Available in a variety of wire types and resistances including dual coil and NotchCoil™ builds.


Standard kanthal atomizer heads can handle between 30-35W (0.5ohm) and 30-80W (0.3ohm) when used on a variable wattage device.

0.75ohm MTL atomizer heads are built with large juice inlets and house cotton wicking for enhanced flavour and vapour with VW, Bypass and Smart mode capable e-cigarettes.

The ML2 0.3ohm and ML2 0.5ohm atomizer heads are capable of high powers of up to 100W thanks to their juice inlets and coil build. Ideal for vapers who like to directly inhale and create large clouds of vapour.

Stainless Steel

The 0.18ohm stainless steel wire atomizer head features large e-liquid inlets allowing for huge vapour production and great flavour. Optimised for use with high power VT e-cig mods.

The NotchCoil™ (NC) 0.25ohm atomizer heads are made using stainless steel wire and perform best with higher wattages.

The new 0.6ohm ML-S atomizer heads feature a steel coil build compatible with Dry Burn Protection technology, ideal for use with the Psyche / Rialto range.

Net / Multihole

The ML-N and ML-M atomizer heads utilise net / multihole technology to provide more surface area for clean flavour and large clouds of vapour. The Net and Multihole coils are both 0.15 sub-ohm and ideal for vapers who like to inhale directly.